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Mehwar Jewellers provides custom jewellery retail and wholesale services, with highest level of customer satisfaction and personalized shopping experience

Mehwar Jewellers highly values its commitment to providing a truly memorable and timeless experience to its clients, who as connoisseurs of fine jewelry seek both the visible charm and beauty of their jewelry, and its value in purity and quality. Mehwar Jewellers not only does hand-picked jewelry selection from local jewelry artisans, but also from jewelry designers worldwide and craftsmen who specialize in traditional jewelry. Mehwar Jewellers provides jewelry customization and custom designs in order to add a very personal level of appeal to its customers, and to ensure that each client’s preferences are appropriately met. For these very reasons, the company enjoys having clients not only in Lahore, but also in the rest of the country, and abroad. Most importantly, since inception, Mehwar Jewellers has upheld its key business principles of fair pricing, customer satisfaction and corporal purity, which have allowed the company to organically grow over decades.

Mehwar Jewellers traces its roots back to 1948, when Abdullah Butt, an orphaned immigrant from Amritsar, started a small no-name workshop in Lahore that provided gemstone studding and ornamental finishing services for pure gold jewelry. Because of Abdullah's religious devoutness, humble character, and business principles, the small no-name workshop was famed, among the locals, with the identity as "Namazian di Hattie" (i.e. Shop of the Devout).

In 1951, Abdullah changed the business focus from jewelry servicing to pure gold trading and registered the new business as Abdullah & Co Ltd. A few years down the road, the company became one of primary raw gold suppliers for jewelry businesses in Lahore. Abdullah & Co Ltd. then stood at the very source of dispersing the joy of luxury and tradition between the local jewelry artisans and adorner.

In line with its established principles of fair pricing, customer satisfaction and corporal purity, Abdullah & Co Ltd. diversified the business towards traditional jewelry retailing. In 1972 Mehwar Jewellers was founded. The "Namazian di Hattie" was now a small jewelry retail store in the front and pure gold trading office in the back.

Mehwar Jewellers’ organic growth continued its pace. In 1988 it expanded the jewelry retail business to the new city center of Lahore, the Mall Road. Staying in-line with its clients' wishes, Mehwar Jewellers kept diversifying its retail jewelry business to new varieties and designs. While specializing in traditional Pakistani, modern contemporary and custom-to-order gold and diamond jewelry, Mehwar Jewellers also caters to jewelry enthusiasts who enjoy ornamental wearing of other precious metals and stones. Its wide jewelry selection ranges from traditional Pakistani jewelry to international styles from India and Europe.

Mehwar Jewellers takes pride in not only being a leading jewelry retailer in Lahore but also a trusted partner to its clients, generations after generations. Its continued growth and success can be attributed to a relationship of mutual trust, respect and love, with its clients and a capable team of trusted practitioners. Staying consistent with its history, Mehwar Jewellers has an unwritten charter and ethical commitment to provide the best value to its clients.

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